1. Heather Morier

    Good morning,

    I recently purchased a property at 12 Lamington st The Range. The agent was Penny Keating,  I would just like to let you know that we found her to be one of the nicest and most pleasant agents that we dealt with while looking at houses in Rockhampton.

    Because I was on the sunshine coast, I relied on my daughter who lives in Wandal to do most of the inspections. After several inspections with different agents we decided that we would only go through Penny regardless of who had the listing even to the point that when we did have the contract on Lamington st that we preferred to wait until she returned from holidays for any requirements or enquires regarding the property to be addressed.

    She is definitely a credit to your company and would not hesitate to recommend her.


    Sales Consultant – Penny Keating

  2. Liam Mayo

    It is with great sincerity that I write to commend the fine work of Leanne Fenech. From the moment I engaged Leanne I have felt comfortable that I would get the best result possible. Leanne worked with me, customizing her services and working tirelessly to ensure I was comfortable with the purchasing process. Leanne remained transparent and honest, which alleviated many of the anxieties traditionally coupled with purchasing a property. As this was my first home, Leanne not only acted as a sales consultant, but offered me personalised advice and guidance, which I believe sets her above any other sales consultant in Rockhampton. It is clear she not only has a passion for property, but a passion for people as well. I would, without hesitation, recommend Leanne to anyone selling their property in Rockhampton. I am extremely happy with the property I recently purchased, the price I purchased it for, and the service I received from Leanne Fenech. Further to this, I would like to reiterate the outstanding service Sarah and I have received from the wider Pat O’Driscoll staff. From the moment we moved to Rockhampton we have been delighted to deal with your wonderful staff. Elizabeth Hood was compassionate to our needs and helped place us in a rental property in a new city without hitch. David Swarbrick was a consummate professional, always accessible and eager to assist with our needs. The ladies on the front desk: always friendly and informative. As well as the wider team who seem to constantly carry smiles. When it comes time for us to rent our property, we will certainly be engaging Pat O’Driscoll Real Estate again.

    Warmest Thanks,

    Liam Mayo Team Leader CAS/ASAS Rockhampton

    Sales Consultant – Leanne Fenech

    Property Manager – David Swarbrick

    Business Development Manager – Elizabeth Hood

  3. David & Melissa Lafferty

    We first came into contact with Pat O’Driscoll real estate in 2003. We purchased an investment property through the sales team and were happy enough to allow the property management team the opportunity to look after it on our behalf. We thought that if they weren’t up to scratch we could always change after a year or so. Well, eight years later and we are still happily with them and have absolutely no plans to change the status quo.
    Over the years some members of the team have come and gone, however the quality of the service has remained consistent throughout. We used to worry about our investment as we live in Eumundi in the Noosa Hinterland, Sunshine Coast and it is a six hour road trip to ‘Rocky’. Well we went up once in 2004 to inspect in combination with a visit to friends in Yeppoon. Our friends left Yeppoon in 2005 and we have never had a reason to go back since. We have such a level of absolute faith in the Team at PODRE that we are happy to get our monthly reports and occasional phone call. The team is competent and up to date with legislation and more importantly we get feedback where and when required. They don’t bother us with the day to day mundane stuff and are always accommodating when we call with a question or query.
    (Property Management)
  4. Sarah Hindes

    I own seven properties in Rockhampton and over time have used four different agents to manage these properties, with varying success.

    Since moving my properties over to Pat O’Driscoll, I am much happier that all my properties are being managed professionally and effectively.  My property manager, always responds promptly to any queries I have and keeps me informed of what’s happening with my properties, however at the same time she uses her initiative and does not hassle me with every small problem.  The quality of tenants in my houses (always a big problem for me) has improved too since Pat O’Driscoll has been in charge.  I would recommend Pat O’Driscoll’s property management team.


    (Property Management Team)

  5. Timothy Fischer

    I have been with Pat O’Driscoll Real Estate for the past 2 years. I am a landlord of a Property in South Rockhampton. In choosing the agent for managing the tenancy of our property I wanted to make sure that they treat the home as if it were there own.  I have always found the team at O’Driscoll’s to achieve this.
    From the start I have felt very comfortable dealing with the staff as they are very knowledgeable and professional with every aspect of the business. What I like most about the O’Driscoll team is that they make sure that the property is well maintained, through their periodic inspections every six months, and having access to trades people on hand to fix any problems that may arise. If I believe there is a problem I can contact them and they will have it remedied. I know that my property is well maintained , which is the result of the dedicated property team. I highly recommend Pat O’Driscoll Real-estate to manage your investment to ensure that its value is maintained. The team is approachable and prepared to go that extra mile.


    (Property Management Team)

  6. Lauren Briggs

    I simply do not have time to run after my investment property especially when I don’t live in the same city! This is why I chose to go through a real estate agent. Jenny and Aleisha have taken on that responsibility for me and I couldn’t be more happy with their service towards me and my property. I know personally the amount of time they invest and the decisionsare made in my best interest. I appreciate them more than they know.


    (Property Management Team)

  7. Paul Betzien

    Should any buyer, seller or investor  be considering the choice of a Real Estate agency in Central Queensland I recommend that the first agency (and it will probably be the last) that they consult is Pat O’Driscoll Real Estate. Pat and his team many years ago managed the rental of my home when I was transferred and also managed it’s sale.
    More recently my mother has had to be admitted to a nursing home and subsequently it was necessary to  rent out her home to subsidise the cost of her care. As I live and work in Brisbane this presented many logistical difficulties. I immediately contacted Pat O’Driscoll’s and engaged their services. A prompt appraisal was conducted and very sound advice was given as to some electrical, hot water, security, shades, air conditioning improvements etc plus what I thought was a very fair rental price for prospective tenants. As I was not present in Rockhampton Pat and Wendy Mylrea, the property manager and other staff endured quite a few tradespersons collecting and returning keys for a number of weeks before the home was available. It was also a very difficult time for our family. During all of that time the agency charged not one cent despite the interruptions endured.  I was most impressed. Ultimately wonderful tenants were quickly found and  have made my Mother’s former home theirs and are caring for it exceptionally well.
    I don’t generally hold Estate Agents in high regard as past experience is that many are out for a quick dollar Pat O’Driscoll and his team are DEFINITELY THE EXCEPTION. It is not by chance that Pat O’Driscoll started his agency in a tiny little office in William St Rochhampton and now appears to be the leading agent in Central Queensland.
    (Property Management)
  8. Paul Brooks

    I have recently purchased an apartment in Aspex, Gladstone and your sales agent Leanne Fenech handled the sale. I have been dealing with Leanne for the past 9 months, from the first time I inspected Aspex (which was still under construction) till after settlement I have found Leanne to have exceptional product knowledge, professionalism, efficient and a great understanding of what is happening in the Gladstone region (real estate market and industry news) and most of all Leanne is extremely proud and passionate about Aspex Waterfront Apartments.

    Leanne continuously kept me updated with everything in regards to Aspex and talked to my lawyer on different occasions when needed throughout the contract process for contract dates, leasing questions etc

    Leanne made the whole experience of buying my investment property enjoyable and exciting. My apartment settled in November last year and Leanne is still in constant contact with me and regularly gives me updates on my apartment in Aspex and what is happening around Gladstone, which as an investor is very important. Nothing seems too much trouble for Leanne which makes her a pleasure to work with and I will have no problem in recommending Leanne in the future.


    (Sales Consultant – Leanne Fenech)

  9. Linda Elmes

    I am grateful that my investment property has been in good hands with the Pat O’Driscoll team for the past 4 years.
    Thank you for always keeping me informed and for your friendly, efficient service.


    (Property Management)

  10. Peter Stemm – GENERAL MANAGER

    In late 2008 our 6 story 36 Luxury residential development situated on Lord Street Gladstone known as ‘Aspex’ was completed and came on line for sale.
    Pat O’Driscoll Real Estate was based in Rockhampton and was selected as the selling agent for our project following an unsuccessful effort in identifying a suitable local agent with the necessary skills to market and sell this product the likes of which had not previously been experienced in Gladstone.
    Our product was released to the market following a very difficult time associated with the GFC and pre formal announcement of the LNG projects now well known to the Gladstone Region.
    Leanne was hand selected following our interview process given her experience and success with ‘The Edge’ in Rockhampton and her very personable style.  We believed we required a person who could form a close and trusting relationship with clients and engage in dialogue surrounding the more intricate details of negative gearing and property investment.  Leanne faced many firsts in an untested market.
    Without exception every local agent stated that our price point was too high and that we would not sell a single unit.  They were proven to be most incorrect.
    Leanne moved onsite requiring a relocation from Rockhampton and successfully sold our stock as required in what was a true test of any agents skills given the market and price point experienced at that time.
    Leanne was a pleasure to work with and took direction and implemented initiatives without question and became an integral part of the Quarterback Team during this period.
    (Sales Consultant – Leanne Fenech)