How green is your thumb?

Creating a Garden to Suit All Tenants

In a perfect world, we would all love our tenants to have green thumbs.  Sometimes this happens!  But this isn’t always the case.  To cover all bases, we recommend some hard-wearing plants which will still make your home look well presented, but at the same time will be low-maintenance and water-wise.  For those playing along at home, think Australian natives, murraya, gardenia, frangipani, and surprisingly, even roses can be easy to maintain.

A contractor for all seasons

Of course, in most tenancies, tenants are required to maintain their own lawns and gardens as a condition of their tenancy.  However, if you have a large yard or require your garden to be cared for in a particular way, it may be a good idea to arrange a contractor for this and include the cost in the weekly rent.  Keep in mind that the trimming of any large trees cannot be classed as the tenant’s responsibility.

Entertaining the space

An entertaining area will add to a garden and can be another way to make an outdoor space attractive and easy to maintain.  Prepare your area, lay some paving or concrete with a shade sail or cover, a few hardwearing shrubs, and you’ve got yourself an easy to maintain outdoor area to attract a whole new range of prospective tenants.

Green thumb or no green thumb?

Tenants without a green thumb, even if you don’t have lawn maintenance included in your rent, you can always arrange your own contractor for maintaining the lawns and/or gardens privately.  Or on the other hand, if you do have a green thumb and you would like to extend on the garden that is already established at your home, contact your property manager to seek your landlord’s approval before you create an elaborate garden out of a magazine.

Keep in mind that if your landlord intends on keeping the garden simple, you may be required to remove the garden you’ve created upon vacating the property. So as with everything, if in doubt, seek your landlord’s advice first.

Pot plants are a great way to have a moveable garden! 
Ensure you keep them raised and choose your spot carefully to avoid water damage or staining.

I get it, maintaining a lawn and garden is a big job!  We don’t all have the time to put into it.  Maybe you don’t enjoy it.  Or if you’re like me, maybe you struggle to keep your plants alive!  Tenants, you’ll still be required to frequently water, but arranging a contractor to mow, trim and tend to the gardens on your behalf will keep both your landlord & property manager happy and give you extra time for the things you enjoy.

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How green is your thumb?