Buying Tips

Whether you’re in the market for your first home, dream home, or that perfect investment property Pat O’Driscoll Real Estate is committed to offering you concise, professional and honest advice. Below is a brief list of tips to consider when buying any property.

Visit or research the area to check out the proximity of schools, restaurants, transport, shopping centre etc. These can have an effect on your lifestyle both now and in the future

Contact local agents to research recent sales in the area. A local agent should have all the current data to assist you in researching property values in the current market in your preferred buying area. Our trained professional sales agents can assist you in this regard.

Pat O’Driscoll Real Estate recommends that buyers obtain building and pest reports on any property in which you are seriously interested in purchasing.

Don’t be put off by bad weather; it is a good time to check the potential property for leaks and poor drainage.

Before you start to look at property make a list of what is important to you, number of bedrooms, kitchen style, entertaining areas, swimming pool, close to transport etc.

Ask as many questions as possible; part of a Real Estate Agent’s role is to assist you wherever they can.

Try not to look at too many properties in one day, 5 – 6 is about the maximum before they sometimes they can all start to blur together

Make sure you take notes on each property and ensure you have two columns “Likes & Dislikes”

Stop and regroup after 3 – 4 inspections, have a coffee and a snack and think about the homes you have seen and prioritise them in order of preference