23rd October 2017 - Jillian

We would like to compliment Alyssa on the way she’s managed our property and the amazing maturity and professionalism she has on seemingly young shoulders.  We attended the property with her on Friday to do an inspection as we wanted to see for ourselves how it looked.  It didn’t occur to me until we were doing the inspection with Alyssa that it was probably a little intimidating for her having us both there also scrutinising the property.  We were both incredibly impressed with the level of detail she went to when checking for damage and cleanliness and the maturity in which she spoke to us and her knowledge on various queries we had and feel that Alyssa gave the same level of care toward the property as if it were her own.

I just wanted to take the opportunity to pass on a compliment, and hope in turn it’s nice for all of you to receive some positive news for the day.

Property Manager – Alyssa Barnes