Knight Frank Commercial Sales / Leasing

In 2010 a decision was made by Pat O’Driscoll to secure a Knight Frank Franchise for the commercial industrial and retail business departments to broaden the network in this field.

Founded in London more than a century ago, Knight Frank had already grown into a substantial and well-recognised international real estate adviser when, in the year 2006, it joined forces with the leading US real-estate practice Newmark to create a network of 9,000 people in 196 offices in 38 countries around the world.

The enlarged group is now one of only a handful of organisations able to provide a full range of real estate services in both the residential and commercial property markets worldwide.

The driving force for growth has been a commitment to providing clients wherever they are with the best and most up-to-date advice and information to help them save time, save money and capture value in their decision making.

All of the group’s clients now have access to the combined skills, experience and knowledge of thousands of professionals – whether they’re selling a vineyard in South Africa, buying a cottage in Suffolk or investing in the Shanghai office market.

What this means in practice is that clients don’t have to re-invent financial models already in use elsewhere, that innovative techniques are more readily available, that choices about locations or buildings can be made more quickly and that decisions about investments can be taken with reduced risk.

Areas of expertise include: valuation, acquisition, portfolio monitoring, asset management, performance forecasting, asset allocation, fund management, rent reviews, lease assignments, property audits, premises strategy-creation, space planning, building surveying, relocation advice, cash-flow modelling, property management, planning advice, funding, marketing strategy and countryside management.

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